Mercieca Chairs & Tables Hire always delivers when promised. The tent/tables/chairs are ALWAYS clean and in good condition. I have an event each year and have tried several companies to provide the same service as you and have not yet found one. Mercieca Chairs & Tables Hire never fails to outshine the competition!”

Richard Anderson

“It never feels like I am calling a business it feels like I am calling another department in our business. So friendly and helpful and always able to get the job done. Thankful for your hard work and dedication. You make my job so easy.”

Nicolas Blackriver

I have been renting with Mercieca Chairs & Tables Hire for about 6 years now and am very pleased with their customer service. Sandra and her crew are a delight to work with!”

James Debattista

The staff is what will keep me going back, even their pricing is very affordable. The ease of business and the friendly, professional staff make Mercieca Chairs & Tables Hire the place to go.

Tiffany Galea

“You are incredible!!! Super thankful you we are able to do same day linens to save my wedding day!”

Jennifer Briffa